Store locator for Shopify - Shop Map

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Store locator for Shopify - Shop Map

Do you want to show your shops or retailer locations on a map? Are you tired of paying monthly just to show your store locations? Store locator for Shopify or a Shop Map is what you need. With this bundle you can have a great Google map featured store locator for a one time payment. This way you can hundreds of dollars.

Want to see it in action? Checkout our demo store locators:

Store Locator 1

Store Locator 2

Store Locator 3

Visitors can filter your Stores by categories, locations, zip codes or even distance. We can add many other options. So why are you waiting for? Choose a store locator you like and let us know. If you need more customizations, we can arrange that too.


  • No recurring payments
  • You can set categories to filter
  • Can filter by address
  • Can filter by zip code


  • Create a new page for Store Locator
  • Create new page template
  • Add required files and scripts
  • Make necessary style changes
  • Add given locations(Up to 10)
  • Add chosen features and filters
  • Review
  • Publish