Refund Policy

WebFixy offers a limited refund policy to it's clients who are not satisfied with the result of a project. To claim a refund a client must notify WebFixy at, within the 3 days of project completion. If WebFixy is unable to provide client with a satisfactory project Outcome, then it will refund the client the project fee in accordance with this provision. WebFixy will not provide any refund of the fee, if a client does not notify WebFixy at within the timeframe set forth above.

In case of claiming a refund, WebFixy will take steps to address client's complaint regarding the project result. WebFixy will either reopen the project and rectify the situation, or will issue the client a refund at the discretion of This refund may be either a partial refund, representative of the work completed, or a full refund where appropriate.

However, if after our attempts to address client complaints and still not satisfied with the result, WebFixy will issue you a partial or full refund, and may, at its discretion, reverse or rollback, the work conducted pursuant to the project and restore client's website to its previous condition (before the project was commenced).

We do not issue refunds in the following situations

If you have not informed WebFixy of the issue within 3 days of project completion

Due to mistakes in materials provided by the client (like spelling mistakes or incorrect images)

Due to malicious attacks by third parties ("malware")

Due to changes to code or updates performed by the client or other developers not working on the WebFixy platform