Let us FIX & BUILD your website!

As Low As $19

You can get your site fixed even for $19. Yes, once you submit your requirement we'll carefully go through it and will give you the most reasonable price possible.

High Quality Outcome

Hold your horses there pal. Just because our prices are affordable that doesn't mean the quality of our work is cheap as well. That takes us to our next point.


We give you two promises. Cheapest price and Highest quality possible. But if you are not happy with the outcome, we'll refund you. Read more about our refund policy here.

Our services

These are some of our basic services.

WordPress Development

Any kind of WordPress self hosted or wordpress.com fixes.

Shopify Development

Get your theme fixed off-line by our experienced developers.

CMS Development

We can help you to get fixed any PHP CMS like Drupal, Joomla, etc...

Website Improvements

From theme development to basic CSS fixes including SEO and Marketing help.

Check all our service bundles with fixed prices

Why choose us

There are lots of website development companies to choose from, but why choose us? We can think of a few good reasons to choose us to develop or tweak your website.

Why to choose us

We have more than 5 years of experience in web developing. That's not easy to keep up if the quality of our services is not good enough. We are the best because we work with the best. Our company's success depends on the quality of our work and our loyal clients.

We never outsource our work just because we don't have enough developers. We hand pick every single developer and they are responsible to us the same way we are responsible to you. All tasks are done by these internal developers and through our 2-steps validation process of a every single task, you will get a website that is 100% genuine.

Each task is done by professional, experienced web developers or a team from the ground up so that you get a website developed to your exact requirements. We’ll not blame developers if something goes wrong, we’ll take the full responsibility as a company so you don’t have to depend on individuals to get you job done.

Our streamlined website development process and highly skilled website developers allows us to provide our professional website developing task at very competitive rates.

Prices start from as little as just $19 and because there are no hidden charges, this is the exact price you will pay for a professionally fixed and developed.

Because we deliver our tasks in such quality and class, we have many happy clients to recommend us. Read some of their testimonials here to know how good we really are. Even though this is the first time we offer our service online, we have a very good client base to back us up.

You only have to pay what is estimated. We won't try to trick you into pay some extra because 'things got complicated'. If you give us a correct and clear explanation of what you are after, we'll estimate the tasks for you. And that's all you'll ever have to pay. If things are more complicated than we assumed, we'll bare it without complaining and will complete your tasks without asking a penny than promised.

Also we won't force you to buy more mandatory packages or 'suggest' any incredible opportunities never to miss so you won't feel like rushing through the subway when you complete your checkout.


You send us your requirement briefly. We'll contact you to get more details if necessary then will carefully go through your requirement to give you the cheapest price possible. Then you can pay us.


Once we receive your payment, we'll start developing your site right away. You can check the progress by login your account. Using project area you can comment and access you previous projects as well.


After we finish the initial development we'll present it to you for review. Then you can comment and ask for simple changes if necessary. We'll do them accordingly and deliver you the final outcome.

Our platforms

These are some popular platforms we work along with many others.

Quality & Affordable Web Development

At WebFixy, we believe Everyone Deserves a Better Website. That's why our web developers work really hard to provide quality & affordable web development services. It doesn't matter if you are a small business, a new blogger or a large enterprise, we can help you to build a quality website for a affordable price. We have experienced and focused developers to serve your every web development need.

Tweak & Fix WordPress, Shopify, CMS & Custom Build Websites

We develop, tweak & fix WordPress, Shopify, CMS & Custom Build Websites. As our range of expertise includes many website related services like WordPress development and tweaks, Shopify tweaks, popular or custom CMS modifications. We use HTML, PHP, Ruby, CSS, JS or any other web development languages and tools.